The Cherokee National Historical Society Board of Trustees and Cherokee Nation Businesses
Invite You to the 2019 SevenStar Gala

The SevenStar Gala, held Saturday, November 2, at the new Chota Event Center (Tahlequah Cherokee Casino) will recognize outstanding individuals who exemplify the Cherokee National Historical Society’s mission to preserve, promote and teach Cherokee history and culture.

To attend this historic event or to make a donation, contact Becky Adair or Paul Buckner at (918) 456-6007.

 All contributions to the Cherokee National Historical Society are tax deductible.

2019 SevenStar Awards:

Contemporary Achievement Award

Victoria Vazquez

Tradition Bearer Award

Dorothy Ice

Stalwart Award

Cherokee Nation Businesses

Warrior Award

S. Joe Crittenden

Wado! To our SevenStar, Yona Level sponsor: