The Cherokee National Historical Society (CNHS) was formed in 1963 by a group of visionary Cherokee citizens who shared a desire to establish a permanent culture-keeping institution for the Cherokee people and in 1964 became a non-profit organization and secured forty-acres near Tahlequah, Oklahoma, on which the Cherokee Heritage Center (CHC) was established. Although CHC works closely with the Cherokee Nation, it remains a 501c(3) nonprofit organization and continues to depend on support from individuals, organizations, and foundations for much of its programming dollars.

Today, the Cherokee Heritage Center includes the Cherokee National Museum, a reconstructed Ancient Cherokee Village, an example of an Indian Territory period town (Adams Corner), the Cherokee National Archives, and a Family Research Center. By becoming a member of the Cherokee National Historical Society, you will provide direct support to the Cherokee Heritage Center as it fulfills its mission to preserve, promote and teach Cherokee history and culture. You can do your part to help with this vital work and ensure the Cherokee Heritage Center is secure for generations to come.

~Free Admission to the Cherokee Heritage Center
~Membership Card
~Complimentary “The Columns” Newsletter
~10% discount at the Museum Store
~20% discount for any cultural classes offered
~Invitation to all exhibit receptions
~Genealogy services at a reduced rate
~Use of the Cherokee National Archives
  • Learner ($25)
 Basic Benefits for a full year for children through full-time undergraduate students.
  • Elder ($30)
 Basic Benefits for a full year for individuals 55 years old and older.

Adult ($40)
Basic benefits for a full year.
  • Adult ($40) Basic Benefits for a full year.
  • Family ($75) 
Basic benefits plus museum admittance for four throughout the year.
  • Mentor ($250) 
Basic benefits of Family membership plus one copy of a Cherokee Heritage Press Book.

Join the Cherokee National Historical Society Patrons’ Circle

  • Provider Patron ($1,000)
 Basic benefits of Mentor membership plus a copy of “Records of the Moravians Among the Cherokee Vol. 1 & 2” from Cherokee Heritage Press.
  • John Ross Patron ($2,500) 
Basic benefits of Mentor membership, plus four season passes to all Cherokee Heritage Center special events. Behind-the-scenes curatorial tour upon request. Recognition on Annual Patron Donor Plaque on the Honor Wall.
  • Sequoyah Patron ($5,000) 
Same as above, plus permanent recognition on the Honor Wall. One-time use of Center facilities at no charge.
Becky Adair– Membership
Lindi Conover – Grants/Sponsorships