2020 Grand Prize Winners: TOTAS – Jerry Sutton “Cultural Appropriation”  CHAS – Jennifer Thiessen “MMIW Dress, Oklahoma Sisters”


Art Shows
The Cherokee Heritage Center has two annual art shows. The Trail of Tears Show & Sale is the oldest Native Art Show in Oklahoma and occurs every Spring.  The Cherokee Homecoming Show & Sale occurs in the fall and is showcased over the Cherokee National Holiday (Labor Day Weekend) which is our busiest weekend of the year.   Get up to date info for each show here:



Check back soon for official dates and entry information for our 2021 Art Shows

Contact Callie Chunestudy to request to be added to artist email list. 

Artist Meetings      Next Meeting: TBA
The Cherokee Heritage Center has hosted art shows for almost 50 years in Park Hill. It is one of the strongest traditions that we continue each year with the Trail of Tears Art Show and the Cherokee Homecoming Art Show. The purpose of these shows is to showcase Native art, support Native artists exposure and sales and support the mission of the museum “to preserve, promote, and teach Cherokee history and culture.”  CHC also offers booth space to artists from Federally Recognized Tribes during the Cherokee National Holiday, over Labor Day Weekend. This will be a series of meetings that occur throughout the year which will give CHC feedback to institute meaningful changes for improvement of events. It is open to the public and we look forward to working together with artists to make future shows successful for everyone. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!
Art Show FAQs:
Who can enter your Art Shows?

The Trail of Tears Show & Sale is open to any citizen, 18 yrs or older, of a Federally Recognized Nation (BAI List is here)The Cherokee Homecoming Show & Sale is open to any citizen, 18 yrs or older, of the Cherokee Nation, The United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians or the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

Do you have a children’s category?
The Cherokee Art Market Youth Competition runs concurrently with the Trail of Tears Art Show.  For info and application please email Deborah Fritts at cherokeeartmarket@cnent.com
There are also art opportunities for citizens younger than 18 yrs through the JOM (Johnson O’Malley) Program and other state wide shows.

When is the deadline?
Artwork submission is due typically 3 weeks to a month before the show opening. Check the rules for the exact dates.

Can I turn my entry form in now and my images of art later?
No. If your entry form is missing images it is incomplete and will not be considered.

Is there an entry fee?
Yes. There is a $10 fee for each piece of artwork submitted unless you are a Cherokee National Treasure, United Keetoowah Band Tradition Keeper, or a member of the Cherokee National Historical Society.

Does the artwork I submit have to be the exact pieces for the show?
Yes. Only the exact art accepted through your submissions will be allowed in the show.

Does the artwork have to be done for the image submissions?
Yes. The images submitted must be finished work. Work dropped off that does not match the submission images or that has had major changes will not be displayed.

Do you accept slides?
No. You can submit digital entries through email or send them on a thumb drive through the mail.

Can I submit my images from last year?
No. Artwork accepted into a show at CHC can only be displayed once. Artwork must have been completed within the previous year.

Does it have to be for sale?
Yes. All artwork must be for sale. Both art shows are fundraisers for CHC.

What is your commission?
CHC commission is 30% of the sale price. Please make sure your submission price allows for this.

Can I sell my artwork to your museum store?
Our Museum Store is managed by CNE and any agreements with the store are separate from the art show and can not be displayed simultaneously.