The Cherokee Heritage Center offers the Cherokee Humanities Course, a college level study of Cherokee language and humanities.  Accepted students can earn up to six hours of college credit in Cherokee Studies at Northeastern State University during two scheduled semesters.  Enrollment in this class is only through application to the Cherokee Heritage Center.  No online classes are offered.

The course is open to anyone that has the ability to read and write.  Priority is given to nontraditional students and those wishing to return to college. Currently enrolled college students can also apply.  The Cherokee Heritage Center offers paid tuition and fees, child care and mileage when funds are available.  Guest participants are welcome.

The Cherokee Humanities Course was launched in 2000 through the vision of Howard Meredith and Earl Shorris, course originator of the Clemente Course.  The Cherokee Humanities Course has given students an opportunity for college-level study of Cherokee life, language, beliefs, practices and behaviors from historical to contemporary times. Students have an opportunity to explore the fundamental concepts of Cherokee society from a philosophical point of view and course fundamentals focus on cultural traits that has enabled Cherokee People to survive and adapt to the world at large. Traditional Cherokee teachers and elders guide the course to focus on language, culture and history with the goal of helping to instill esteem through a better understanding of our culture. Course graduates are encouraged to transition to a higher level of function in their social, economic, family and community life and aspire to continue formal education.

For application and additional information contact o 918-456-6007.

Course Application

Registration deadline for Fall 2020 semester is August 7, 2020.