First Familes of the Cherokee


The Cherokee National Historical Society offers lifetime memberships in the First Families of the Cherokee Nation.
This unique organization is operated under the auspices of the Cherokee National Historical Society as a means of recognizing and honoring the families who formed the Great Cherokee Nation.
In addition to citizens, there were intermarried whites, whites living under permit, Freedmen, and others granted Cherokee Nation citizenship.

Eligibility: Membership is limited to those persons who can document their ancestor was a lawful resident of the Cherokee Nation, East or West, prior to the ratification of the Cherokee Nation Constitution on 6 September 1839. It is the applicant’s responsibility to document, prove, and submit their lineage. Although, the Cherokee Family Research Center may assist in the process when a research assistance application is presented along with the research request fee.

Instructions: To receive membership in FFCN you must complete our application. The lineage MUST be of a direct ancestor to the applicant. Anyone who is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation is automatically entitled to membership if:
(1) The application is completed
(2) A copy of his or her tribal registration card is attached and,
(3) The lineage chart is completed back to 1838.
For those persons without tribal membership, the documents listed below will serve as acceptable proof of residency in the Cherokee Nation and must accompany an application: (Do NOT Send originals)
(1) Birth Records (2) Death Records (3) Marriage Records (4) Census Records (5) Probate Records (6) Land Records and Plats (7) Military Records (8) Church Records (9) Court Records (Civil and Criminal). Supplemental or Secondary Sources: These sources are defined as records in print that do not come from contemporary or government records. The inclusion of these records is encouraged. They include, but may not be limited to:

(1) Bible Records (2) Obituaries (3) Newspaper clippings (4) Family Histories or published genealogies (5) Published county histories, portraits and biographical histories (6) Personal papers (such as letters, diaries, journals, reunion records, and manuscripts). Fees: Only ONE ancestor will be inscribed per certificate.
Submitting an application for certification cost for EACH ancestor is a $25.00 non-refundable fee.

First Families Membership ApplicationPAGE 1 & PAGE 2

First Families Membership List (Updated Summer 2020) 2MB

The Siol Lewis Sept Association Looking for Members
The Siol Lewis (Seed of Ludovick) Sept Association in conjunction with the Board of Trustees of the Cherokee National Historical Society, Inc. is pleased to offer membership in the Siol Lewis Sept Association. This unique organization is a means of recognizing the Cherokee families who descend from Ludovick Grant, younger of Creichie, and his Cherokee wife, “Eughioote.”

Download the press release HERE and the application HERE. Join their Facebook page HERE.

For more information, contact 1-888-999-6007, or email HERE.