Giving The Cherokee people have a rich history woven with survival, sacrifice, loss and triumph making our current nation 300,000 strong. We have always had strong education and government systems to perpetuate the welfare of our people. Like the reeds of ancestral Cherokee baskets this legacy has been woven through time Established in 1963, the Cherokee National Historical Society is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created to present an authentic and multidimensional portrait of the Cherokee people in historical and contemporary times. Please support our heritage and ensure that our culture is preserved for generations to come. We encourage you to stand with us in supporting this rich heritage and culture as many generations have walked before and many will follow.  So with your contribution, we are offering limited edition gifts at the following levels:

$100 – $500.00 The first 60 donors at this level will receive the STRENGTH medallion

Strength medallion

Every day we bare witness to the strength of our ancestors. It is this unwavering strength that has allowed us to persevere through hardships. With your contribution, we offer a token of appreciation that captivates and commemorates the strong will of the Cherokee people. It has always been our strength that has honored our traditions and perpetuated our culture.

$501 – $2,000 The first 40 donors at this level will receive a pair of handcrafted child size woven shoes, and the STRENGTH medallion

Woven shoes Those who succumbed to the Trail of Tears were, most commonly, our elders and youth. Having lost much of a new Cherokee generation to the affliction of the removal, we remember those who fell victim to the journey by honoring them with an empty pair of child size shoes.  It is with hope that we are fulfilling the future they would have envisioned for us.

$2,001-$10,000 The first 20 donors at this level will receive a 4″ flat reed basket, a pair of handcrafted child size woven shoes, and the STRENGTH medallion. The traditional flat reed basket honors a tradition passed down through generations.

Your generous contribution is vital to the continuation of our mission to preserve, promote, and teach Cherokee history and culture, and will help us continue to share our history with thousands of children and adults who visit the Cherokee Heritage Center each year.
We are excited about our future as we honor our past. Please take a few moments to make your contribution to the Cherokee Heritage Center. Working together, WE will perpetuate our rich Cherokee heritage Becky Adair - Membership Donor Bill of Rights © (1MB)