Humanities Course










The Cherokee Humanities Course is a Cherokee-centered educational opportunity where the Cherokee language, history and culture are interwoven through the learning experience. The course is designed to bring to light ideas and experiences that have remained quieted in the general history books. The course endeavors to create a collaborative learning environment in which personal experiences and oral traditions are respected. These classes are interdisciplinary, college-level humanities courses offering credit hours through Northeastern State University. The course is open to adults who have the ability to read and write. Students may take the course two times for a total of 6 hours of college credit in the Humanities or Indian Studies field. The Cherokee Humanities Course was established by the late Dr. Howard Meredith, Professor and Head of American Indian Studies degree program at the University of Science and Arts. The course replicates the original Clemente course offered in New York City by academic scholar Dr. Earl Shorris in 1995. The original concept of Dr. Shorris’ theory of teaching the humanities has become world renowned and currently there are 62 courses being taught in 7 different countries: United States, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Australia and Korea. Each year, there are an estimated 1,300 students being enrolled into Clemente Courses worldwide. For more information about the Cherokee Humanities course, contact the education department at (888) 999-6007 or email Education Dept.