Cherokee Homecoming Art Show

Cherokee Homecoming Art Show & Sale

2015CHAS2014 Grand Prize Winner Sam Watts-Scott “Come, Watch Me Dance”

The Cherokee Heritage Center presents the 20th Annual Cherokee Homecoming Art Show featuring authentic Cherokee art in one of Oklahoma’s most prominent art shows. August 28 – September 27, 2015
Sponsored by Cherokee Nation Businesses

Nearly 100 traditional and contemporary Cherokee artworks will be displayed. The traditional division is defined as arts originating before European contact, and consists of four categories including basketry, jewelry, pottery and traditional arts. The contemporary division is defined as arts arising among the Cherokee after European contact, and consists of six categories including paintings, sculpture, pottery, basketry, beadwork and textiles



2013 Online Gallery


2012 Online gallery HERE!
2012 Accepted Artwork (250kb)

Cherokee Homecoming Art Show Grand Prize Winners.
1996 – 2000 No Grand Prize Awarded
2001 Dorothy Sullivan “Gifts of Our Ancestors”
2002 Jane Osti “Bird Spirit”
2003 Tonia Hogner Weavel “Deerskin Coat”
2004 Martha Berry “The Plants Became Allies
2005 Jane Osti “Arkansas Appliqué”
2006 Crystal Hanna “I’m a Mudfish Too”
2007 Martha Berry “Hidden in Plain Site”
2008 Shawna Cain “Spring Harvest”
2009 Bill Glass Jr. “Turbulence”
2010 Dan Horsechief “From the Ashes”
2011 Troy Jackson “Halfbreed – Am I Red and White or Am I White and Red?”
2012 Troy Jackson “Carrying Tradition”
2013 Virginia Stroud “Trading Posts Days”
2014 Sam Watts-Scott “Come, Watch Me Dance”